The best use of a smoker in spring and summer

The best use of a smoker in spring and summer

The best use of a smoker in spring and summer

Smoked dishes for a summer barbecue

A BBQ smoker will help expand the variety of dishes you serve to your loved ones. With its help, you can prepare not only sausages, meats, and cold cuts but also fish, and even vegetables or cheeses. As is typical for a grill, some guests will undoubtedly opt for classics, such as pork neck. Others will happily try homemade sausage or ham, a self-prepared steak, or ribs that have been marinating in the fridge all day, absorbing the flavor of the marinade. Perhaps among your loved ones, you have enthusiasts of a vegetarian diet? Prove that it's far from boring and use the BBQ smoker to prepare a dish of vegetables like eggplants, zucchinis, or peppers.

Aromatic and well-seasoned

When preparing smoked dishes, remember to generously season them with fresh herbs. There should be an abundance of them in spring and summer. Oregano, rosemary, or thyme work wonderfully, for example. When adding spices, don't forget about garlic and various types of peppers, from sweet to hot. Besides meats and vegetables from the BBQ smoker, the table should also feature mustards, sauces, and even flavored butters. A irresistible appetizer will be a self-smoked cheese, preferably with cranberries. Remember that the type of wood used for smoking will also influence the final flavor of the dish.

BBQ smoker - transform the taste of your dishes!

Spring and summer are the seasons when you can fully exploit the potential of a BBQ smoker. Many recipes for aromatic meats, smoked cold cuts, or smoked cheeses can be found on our blog. Experiment on your own as well! Modify our ideas and create new dishes, compositions, and marinades that will delight guests during a shared barbecue.

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