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  1. Smoke generator INOX
  2. Smoke generator
  3. GrillEye IRIS - Borniak Edition
  4. GrillEye MAX - Borniak Edition
  5. Meat claws B-Claws
  6. Borniak Smoker Table
  7. Borniak wheels
  8. Cold Smoke Connector
  9. Cold Smoke Adapter Stainless Steel
    Out of Stock
  10. Cold Smoke Adapter
  11. Food dryer

    Food dryer

  12. Spice Fish Hunter
    Out of Stock

Borniak accessories broaden the capabilities of your smoker.

A sturdy grate, or perhaps a cold smoking attachment? Borniak accessories will expand the capabilities of your smokehouse and help you prepare even more aromatic dishes. A practical air dryer, or maybe an additional tray? Explore the full range of Borniak smokehouse accessories.