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  1. Classic Smoker 150 TIMER
  2. Smoker 150 BBQ INOX TIMER
  3. Classic Smoker 150 SIMPLE
  4. Smoker 150 BBQ INOX SIMPLE
  5. Classic Smoker 70 TIMER
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  6. Smoker 70 BBQ INOX TIMER
  7. Classic Smoker 70 SIMPLE
  8. Smoker 70 BBQ INOX SIMPLE
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Borniak: Innovation and the Flavor of Tradition in One!

Borniak smokers represent a series of high-quality devices that have gained recognition among smoking and low & slow barbecue enthusiasts worldwide. They are characterized not only by solid construction but also by innovative solutions that make the smoking process easy and accessible even for those starting their journey with this method of preparing dishes.

The flagship products in Borniak's lineup are electric smokers made of polished stainless steel. Borniak smokers have been designed with various user needs in mind, offering a total of eight different variants.

Borniak: Ease of Use, Excellent Taste in Your Hands!

When it comes to operating Borniak classic smokers and BBQ smokers, it's worth highlighting intuitive solutions, such as the electric panel that enables precise temperature control and automatic combustion of wood chips. This makes it possible for even beginners in the art of smoking to enjoy the excellent taste of dishes prepared in these innovative devices. Certainly, every smoking enthusiast will find in Borniak's offerings a smokers perfectly tailored to their needs and expectations.