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  1. GrillEye IRIS - Borniak Edition
  2. GrillEye MAX - Borniak Edition
  3. Meat claws B-Claws
  4. Borniak Smoker Table
  5. Borniak wheels
  6. Cold Smoke Connector
  7. Cold Smoke Adapter Stainless Steel
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  8. Cold Smoke Adapter
  9. Food dryer

    Food dryer


Borniak Accessories - Perfecting the Art of Smoking!

We provide a comprehensive range of smoking accessories that enhance the flavor of dishes and perfect the art of smoking. Our Smoker Dehydrator simplifies the meat drying process, and the precise wireless thermometer ensures temperature control, guaranteeing tasty and consistent results. Additionally, if you're interested in cold smoking, Borniak offers a Cold Smoking Adapter and Attachment Connector, allowing you to refine this technique while maintaining ideal temperature conditions.