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  1. Hooks type 25
  2. Hooks type 21
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  4. S Hooks - asymmetric
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    S Hooks

  6. Double Hooks

Hooks that Elevate the Art of Smoking Fish and Meat

With the available accessories here, you can easily and safely hang fish or pieces of meat. The hooks are professionally shaped, protecting the contents from accidental falls while evenly spreading smoke along the smokers.

In our store, all smoking hooks are available in sets of five or three pieces. Double and S-shaped hooks are versatile and work well for preparing pork loin, bacon, and various sausages. Their versatility makes them indispensable in a home smokehouse, perfect for various occasions.

Double smoking hooks have two blades on opposite ends, while fish smoking hooks like 20, 21, and 25 are equipped with a special spacer, keeping the fish hook always open. It's worth equipping your smokehouse with these accessories to enjoy their versatile use on many occasions.