Smoker or BBQ Smoker? Find out what will be suitable for you.

Smoker or BBQ Smoker? Find out what will be suitable for you.

Smoker or BBQ Smoker? Find out what will be suitable for you.

Of course, if you know what you need! Borniak's equipment offers primarily two main categories of products, namely smokers and BBQ smokers. Below, we suggest which option will be better for you.

Classic smoker or BBQ smoker - what to choose?

Let's start by explaining what a classic American-style barbecue (BBQ) really is. Contrary to popular belief, it's not just a grill, at least not the way we know it in Poland. Barbecue largely relies on slow-cooking products at a lower temperature (even for several hours at 100-150 degrees). Although the power of BBQ smokers is slightly higher, they are much closer to smoker devices - smoking is also an essential element of the barbecue method. It's hard to imagine classic American cuisine without the characteristic smoky aroma. What can you prepare with the Borniak Smoker? Pulled pork, ribs, steaks, pastrami, and other slow-cooked dishes.

The classic Borniak smoker is dedicated to those who want to enter the world of more traditional smoker. Lower temperature (up to 120 degrees) combined with smoke from specially prepared chips will be sufficient for you to prepare aromatic cold cuts, sausages, fish, and smoked cheeses. These devices will also delight lovers of smoked vegetables - such as peppers, onions, tomatoes, or cabbage, to name just a few.

Smokers and BBQ Smokers - a noble aroma at your fingertips! 

A freestanding home smoker is an excellent way to enjoy a full range of classic smoked products. BBQ smokers add the possibility of preparing dishes from American cuisine - a wider temperature range increases the equipment's capabilities. It's up to you to decide what spectrum of possibilities will meet your expectations. Check out other posts on our website to learn more about Borniak products.

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