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The best traditional food

Classic Smokers with Smoke Generator

Begin your adventure with traditional food, discover unique and most importantly, natural flavors. Find out how easy it is to prepare smoked food with Borniak.

Classic Smokers
Smokers BBQ Borniak
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Smoky barbecue

BBQ Smokers

Unique BBQ Smokers for American barbecue enthusiasts, thanks to specially designed double heater, allows to reach temperatures up to 150°C (~300°F).

Generator & Smoking chips

The secret of natural food smoking

The heart of our smokers is the smoke generator. It has a decisive influence on the success of smoking – it ensures even operation when burning the wood chips. Smoke is obtained by smoldering smoking chips.

Smoke generator and smoke chips
cover and accessories

Accessories & addons

Complementary elements and more

Do you need special hooks or additional shelves for your smoked meats? Or maybe you will be interested in wireless thermometer? Check out our range of accessories.

Smoky kitchen

Butcher’s goods and spices

Unique series of spices straight from Borniak – for every Chef and Pitmaster.

taste corner
smoker equipment

Smoker equipment

Basic equipment and additional sets

Check the standard smoker equipment composition and additional sets dedicated to our devices. We have put together new sets tailored to your needs.