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Proper operation of the smoker is guaranteed even at outside temperatures below 0 ° C. The temperature stability is influenced by several factors, for example, the amount of batch for smoking, wind and atmospheric temperature.

The maximum temperature that can be obtained in the smoker is 120 ° C and 150 ° C in the Smoker BBQ version, and this does not affect damage (extensibility) of the sheet.

At the atmospheric temperature of 10 ° C, the generator itself can heat the chamber up to 40 ° C. On warm days, the model 70 smoker can heat up to 60-70 ° C.


The entire process of producing smoke comes down to pressing a button - all thanks to our smoke generator. Combustion is carried out automatically - the wood from the container is transported to the heater, and here it is gradually charred. You just have to remember to fill the hopper with smoking wood chips. Additionally, the smokehouse is equipped with a thermostat regulating the temperature in the smoking chamber.

The prices are given on the website

All devices are powered by 230V mains voltage. The maximum power consumption of the smokehouse for 70 is 615 W, for 150 it is 1515 W. Larger heaters are used in the Smoker BBQ version, and for the model 70 it is 1115W and for 150 it is 2015W.

The smokehouse is not waterproof. It can stand under the roof all year round. it should be secured so that it does not come into direct contact with rain or snow. It is best to use our cover for this purpose.

We specialize in the production of domestic smokehouses, our largest model is the 150 version.

No, we do not sell smoking cabinets separately. It is possible under special circumstances. For this purpose, please contact the sellers directly.

The smokehouse is intended for outdoor use. It should not be attached directly to the chimney or to the smoke extractor. The forced air draft can ignite the wood chips. In order to discharge the smoke from the smoker higher or elsewhere, you can use a hood that will draw in the smoke that flows freely from the chamber.


Cold smoking adapter

The smoke generator is part of the smoker and has a 110W burner that can heat the device up to 40oC. The ZW-01 attachment allows you to lower the temperature to the conditions of cold smoking, thanks to which we obtain the temperature in the smoker by 1-2oC higher than the outside temperature.

The attachment is mounted on the smoke generator and connected to the smoking chamber by means of a folded spiral pipe. The length of the smoke conducting pipe should be within 1.2-2 m

Installation of the smoke generator with an attachment is not difficult. The use is just as easy.

The attachment is integrated with the smoking cabinet by means of the "attachment connector" - a spiro tube with clamps. One end is placed in the lower opening of the smokehouse instead of the smoke generator, the other in the outlet of the appetizer. Attach the smoke generator to the attachment, just like in the smoking cabinet. The distance between the attachment and the cabinet is 1.2 - 2.0 m.

Specjalnie wyprofilowane nóżki zapewniają stabilność konstrukcji, a dzięki szufladzie możemy bezproblemowo usunąć popiół wytworzony podczas pracy generatora.

Przystawka z łącznikiem


Chips for smoking

Filling the smoke generator with wood chips at a time is enough for 8 hours of smoke production. We currently have four eight types of wood chips for the smokehouse (more information can be found at our site). It is recommended to use clean chips, 3-4 mm in size to ensure proper operation. Meal or large pieces of wood chips are not suitable for our smoke generator, they may damage it.

The GD-01 smoke generator is designed for the use of 3x3 mm wood chips

Different types of wood chips can be mixed. Thanks to this, we can create original smoked meats with a unique color and aroma. Juniper can be put directly on the smoke generator heater. It is best at the beginning of smoking, before increasing the temperature, so that the smoke penetrates freely into the meat.



Each fish hook is inserted from the inside of the fish, so that the pendant passes through the mouth. Depending on the hook, the blades are hammered on both sides of the spine, twisted around the spine, or stuck in the spine.

Up to 150 we can put over 20 kg of meat, approx. 14 kg of sausage, approx. 20 fish. Up to 70 we can put up to 10 kg of meat, up to 7 kg of sausage, about 10 fish.

We can smoke the eels on a shelf or in pieces.

Yes, you can smoke fish, cheese and cold cuts in one device. You only need to separate the smokes into the different types of load.


Food dryer

Everything that is smoked must be dried, then the smoke components penetrate the meat and the color settles nicely on the surface of the products.

The dehumidifier is used to accelerate the drying process of the products after they are removed from the reservoir. Instead of drying the product for 24 hours, in a cool, airy place, we shorten this process to 3 - 4 hours using a dehumidifier. How? Install the dehumidifier in the place of the smoke generator. We set the temperature on the thermostat to 30 ° C and open the fireplace for full air flow.




To start injecting meat you will need:

  1. a syringe - a needle with a suitable tip
  2. brine or brine spice
  3. meat for injection
  4. (optional) roasting pan


Prepare the solution for injection, fill the syringe with the solution and attach the appropriate tip (needle). Put the meat in a roasting pan large enough not to spill any excess solution when injecting. Insert the needle into the meat at different depths while injecting. Repeat the operation at intervals of approx. 5 cm. Inject the product across the fibers. Pekla should be in the amount of 7% to 10% of the weight of the meat.

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