BBQ Smokers

It rarely gets any better than a genuine American barbecue - now you can enjoy your favourite ribs, chops, sausage, or even a steak coming straight from your backyard! Our selection of BBQ smokers includes a range of models sporting different technical parameters. You can either go small and choose a 70-litre container that can store up to 10 kg of top-quality food, or pick something bigger - like a 150-litre beast covered in stainless steel. If you want to know, when the whole process is done, choose a model equipped with a useful timer.

BBQ food smokers - let's feast in American style!

We've always put quality above everything else. Our BBQ food smokers are made using premium-grade materials (stainless steel) that not only provide great durability - especially important in outdoor conditions - but also can be safely used with meat, fish, and other specialities. They're also extremely easy to clean thanks to the drip tray and ash-catching water bowl. Combine it with low energy requirements, a long working cycle, and a handy timer, and you get the full picture. If you want to enjoy beautifully prepared food with minimum effort, you've come to the right place!

Our BBQ smokers with timer are also equipped with an intuitive control panel, which allows you to easily regulate the temperature. You can also control the density of the smoke with a handy chimney flap. Check product description pages to learn more. Also, be sure to contact us in case of any questions or doubts regarding the offer, availability, or order processing.