Classic Smoker

Sometimes it's good to stick to the basics - but with a new twist! Classic food smokers available in this section of our store allow you to enjoy homemade meats, fish, and cheeses prepared right in your backdoor. Low operating costs, simple digital controls, and a built-in timer - it doesn't get better than that. Discover our range of devices and get the fire started!

Classic food smokers - every garden needs one!

In order to guarantee the best experience for every single client, we offer a range of different models for you to choose from. Our classic smokers are available in several capacity variants, with the option of an added timer, which will tell you when your food is done. They're capable of up to 8 hours of continuous and effective work and are fuelled by dedicated wood chips without chemical additives. Stainless steel interior is extremely durable and safe for the food - our devices can store up to 20 kg of meat in a 150 l container, but smaller models are also available.

An electronic control panel allows for a precise regulation of the temperature - maximum of 120 degrees, which is perfectly enough to smoke practically anything. At the same time, our classic food smokers are very easy to clean, thanks to the addition of a drip tray for the excess fat, as well as a water bowl for the ash. Check the description pages of our models to get more information on their technical parameters and features. In case of any questions, contact our customer service - we're always happy to help!