Smoke generator

Devices available in this section of our online store are effectively what makes the whole smoking process possible in the first place. A smoke generator is often referred to as the heart of the device. It makes perfect sense, as it's responsible for proper burning of the wood chips, and therefore even operation of the smoker itself. In this section of our online store, you'll find several different models (including stainless steel) that can be applied to various types of devices - with up to 200-litre food container capacity. If you want to prepare a beautiful and juicy piece of meat right in your garden, this is the place to start!

Smoke generators - the heart of every smoker

As with any other type of product available in our store, we put great effort to deliver the best quality out there. In this section, you'll find several different options of smoke generators. Stainless steel models provide great durability and resistance to any weather conditions, which is crucial for devices used mainly outside. Our offer also includes variants equipped with alu-zinc coated casings - those ones work great with high temperature. Perfect for all the food lovers out there!

The devices are capable of up to 8 hours of optimal smoke development without adding any fuel - during this time you do not need to even check on your food. Generators are also equipped with a slider to regulate the airflow. Check the descriptions to learn even more about our devices. For a selection of accessories or complete models for your garden, be sure to visit other sections of our store.