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Fish, meats and cheeses smoked according to traditional methods are a rarity. We admire their deep taste, we savor the aroma… And we regret that we rarely have access to them. Meanwhile, a piece of free space in the garden or plot is enough to start your adventure with real smoking. An adventure accessible to everyone – not requiring sacrifices and extremely exciting!

Household smokers are top-shelf products. They give completely new culinary possibilities and opportunities to create your own recipes. It is also a clear turn to health – thanks to our smoker, you have access to 100% natural products, no preservatives, no allergens and no chemicals.

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Does a juicy piece of homemade meat or fish sounds like something you could use after a long day of work? Thanks to our range of easy-to-use electric smokers with smoke generator you can prepare delicious food right in your garden! Forget about preservatives, colouring, and flavour boosters - you only get what you'd put in yourself! We prepared several different options for you to choose from - from classic Borniak models, to their BBQ alternatives - all fuelled by special smoking chips that are also available in our offer. Bring out your recipes and start the fire!

Borniak - electric smokers

If you're looking for an easy and effective way to prepare traditional sausage, ham, fish, or even blocks of cheese, then our range of classic smokers is your best bet. They allow for up to 8 hours of continuous work without refilling the smoke generator. The controls are fairly simple - just set the temperature, and your brand-new equipment will do the rest! If you're a fan of American-style barbecue, be sure to check out our line of electric BBQ smokers - perfect for steaks and ribs dripping with sweat marinade.

Borniak devices allow you to prepare meat, fish, and cheese in batches of up to 20 kg at a time - depending on the size of a given model. We also offer separate smoke generators that are compatible with various pieces of equipment - they're fit for work with classic and BBQ electric smokers up to 200-litre capacity.

We focus on delivering top-quality products that are made to last - choosing Borniak, you can count on premium-grade materials (stainless steel), optimal design, and a wide selection of options. Our electric smokers with smoke generators are extremely easy to use, but the final effect will truly delight everyone, who loves a good chunk of smoked meat.

BBQ smokers for your garden

Discovering our selection of electric smokers (classic or BBQ), smoke generators, wood chips, and accessories! It doesn't take much to be able to enjoy homemade food that just screams flavour! Contact our customer service to learn more!