Smoked Brisket 4-2-10 Method

  • 3000 grams Black Angus brisket
  • 3 tbsp coarse salt
  • 8 tbsp coarse black pepper
  • First of all you need to trim the fat of the brisket. This means that you don't want to trim of too much fat on the top and the bottom but mostly trim it of the sides so you don't have really thin sides that could potentially burn when it's rendering down.
  • You want to season this brisket with around 3 tbsp of a coarse salt on both sides without covering it completely.
  • Add around 8 tbsp of of pepper to the brisket and this time you want to comepletely cover it until you can only see the pepper. The amount is really depending on how covered up your brisket is.
  • Turn on your smoker, I'm using the borniak smoker in this case because it's the most stabile smoker i've ever encountered.
  • Set the temperature to 120 degrees celcius. That's 248 degrees farhenheit and a pretty standard lower smoking temperature because i'm only focusing on smoke first. Place a tray underneath the brisket to catch all that fat.
  • After around 4 hours i have enough smoke profile to raise up the temperature to 140 degrees to evaporite the puddlesof fat that has formed on top of the brisket.
  • Let it smoke for 2 hours on this higher temperature to develope bark and render out more fat.
  • After 2 hours cover a big surface with butchers paper and take the tray with fat out of the smoker.
  • Brush the fat on to the paper and cover it with fat.
  • Place the brisket on the butchers paper and wrap it up.
  • Take another tray where the brisket can fit in and put it inside the tray.
  • Cover the tray with aluminium foil and place the tray inside the smoker.
  • Now you want to set the temperature to around 65 degrees celcius. Your brisket should be on around 80 degrees celcius core temperature.
  • Place in the entire tray and let it steam on a low temperature for around 10 hours overnight.
  • The next day your brisket should be perfectly slow steamed to the desired temperature of around 94 degrees celcius and because you already had developed the bark and smoke profile you now completed a perfect brisket. And the best part is that it's already ready to slice in to.

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