Smoked sausage

  • 4 kg boar meat or beef (shoulder, ham, bacon)
  •  1,5 kg pork shoulder
  •  1,5 kg pork bacon
  •  11 dag curing salt
  •  8 loves of garlic
  •  30 grains pepper
  •  20 pcs. allspice
  •  14 pcs. juniper
  •  4 pcs. clove
  •  a pinch of nutmeg
  •  marjoram in a quantity you see fit
  •  intestines approx. 10 m
  • alder or beech wood chips

Crush the spices in a mortar. Mince the meat (bacon with a fine mincing plate, the rest of the meat - with a coarse plate). Mix thoroughly with spices and crushed garlic until the mixture is sticky. Fill the casings, tie both ends with a thick thread. When filling the casings, puncture the intestines with a fine needle to remove the accumulated air. Hang the prepared sausages, 30-40 cm long, on racks or place them on shelves in a cool airy place and leave them to dry (about 12-15 hours).


Place the dried sausages in the smoker, set the thermostat in the chamber to 55°C and switch on the generator. Smoke for about 3 hours. If the sausages are smoked on a shelf, they should be turned over after 1.5 hours. If they are placed on racks, they need to be rearranged. Once the sausages turn the right colour, raise the temperature inside the chamber to 80°C and smoke for about 1 hour, until the temperature inside the sausages reaches 67°C. Switch off the generator and chamber, wait for the sausages to cool.

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