GrillEye MAX - Borniak Edition

GrillEye MAX - Borniak Edition


GrillEye® Max is the first instant, ultra-precise smart grill or smoker thermometer that notifies you when your food is ready, wherever you are. Enjoy ±0.1°C / 0.18°F accuracy in as little as 2 seconds and prepare the best food for your loved ones!

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GrillEye MAXGrillEye MAX

The best wired, FDA-approved, IF Design Award-winning smart thermometer for instant and ultra-precise food temperature measurement.

  • PRECISION: Display resolution up to 0.1°
  • WIFI: Wireless cloud connection, Supports multiple Wi-Fi® networks
  • BATTERY: Provides up to 23 hours of usage with the screen saver option enabled. Rechargeable via USB Type C
  • ERGONOMICS: Drop-resistant, 360° rotatable body. Strong magnetic mounting.



  • Wi-Fi® 802.11 b/g/n (2.4 GHz), with an active internet connection
  • Phone or tablet with iOS or Android equipped with Bluetooth® v4.2
  • GrillEye® Max only works with GrillEye® Iris probes
  • GrillEye® Hyperion app is compatible with iOS devices running iOS 12 and newer | Android devices running Android 8 Google Play or newer.

Food safety and excellent flavor as a standard


  • Results in just 2 seconds
  • Use your GrillEye® Max as an instant thermometer for all types of food. GrillEye® Iris probes can measure the temperature in the blink of an eye!


  • Certified by the National Institute of Standards and Technology
  • The difference between undercooked and overcooked food can be a matter of a few degrees. We measure them in the most accurate way!


  • GrillEye® probes are the only ones with FDA certification
  • Because the probes come into contact with food, we've made sure they are made only from materials safe for use with food!

Satisfying taste for everyone

  • 8 probe ports
  • Grill perfectly without worrying about the number of guests. Prepare each piece of meat exactly as each person likes it
 GrillEye Iris GrillEye Iris
GrillEye MAX BoxGrillEye MAX Box

In the box:

1x GrillEye® Max, instant and ultra-precise smart thermometer

2x GrillEye® Iris, instant and ultra-precise meat and ambient temperature probe

2x Probe clips

1x Ambient temperature probe clip

1x Quick user guide

1x USB type C charging cable

GrillEye® Hyperion App

The Hyperion app on iOS and Android is designed to be intuitive for users at all skill levels, with screen guides, setup wizards, probe placement tips, and full support for blind and visually impaired individuals.

The Hyperion app is the most advanced app on the market, supporting USDA and custom presets. It calculates food readiness time, logs the activity of multiple probes, and provides personalized statistics.

The Hyperion app continues to impress with increasingly advanced features and full support for the entire GrillEye ecosystem. GrillEye Hyperion will be the only app you need for your cooking and grilling adventures. The convenience of controlling GrillEye from anywhere in the world is a huge advantage. GrillEye Hyperion allows you to explore limitless, stress-free options in every culinary endeavor!

GrillEye Hyperion AppGrillEye Hyperion App

3 Steps to Perfection

  1. Connect the probe
  2. Select the type of meat and desired doneness
  3. Your food is ready
GrillEye Hyperion AppGrillEye Hyperion App
GrillEye Hyperion AppGrillEye Hyperion App

Knowing how to grill without knowing how?

GrillEye® knows the temperature that will deliver your dream dish!

Probe placement tips and estimated cooking times will guide you through the entire process!

Sessions, make sure you replicate every successful recipe!

Technical data

More Information
SKU GE0014
EAN 5213008050228
Material Plastic
Power litowo-jonowa, 2500 mAh
Cable length 120 cm
Working time up to 23 hours of use with the screensaver option enabled
Operating Range -40°C to 300°C
Number of probes 2 in a package (max 8)
Weight 0,24 kg
Package dimensions 6 x 13 cm
Package Weight 0,45 kg
Guarantee 24 months
Comments Requirements: iOS or Android; Wi-Fi® 802.11 b/g/n (2.4 GHz), with an active Internet connection


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