GrillEye IRIS - Borniak Edition

GrillEye IRIS - Borniak Edition


The GrillEye® Iris probe is the world's first ultra-precise probe for measuring meat and ambient temperatures. Check the meat's target temperature and monitor ambient temperature in the blink of an eye.

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GrillEye MAXGrillEye MAX


  • DESIGN: Streamlined, tapered-end probe
  • VERSATILE USE: Compatible with any grill, smoker, oven, or stovetop (probes can be used in any location, following safety guidelines)
  • CONVENIENCE: Easy storage and organization with probe clips - included in the package.
  • 2-PACK: Includes 2 GrillEye IRIS Probes.

Food safety and excellent flavor as a standard


Results in just 2 seconds

Use your GrillEye® Max as an instant thermometer for any type of food.GrillEye® Iris probes can measure temperature in the blink of an eye!


Certified by the National Institute of Standards and Technology

The difference between undercooked and overcooked food can be a matter of a few degrees in temperature. We measure it in the most precise way!


GrillEye® probes are the only ones to have FDA certification

Because the probes come into contact with food, we've ensured that they are made only from materials safe for food use!

Included probe clip

For measuring ambient temperature

The temperature of the grill or smoker can vary depending on the area, so checking ambient temperature is just as important as the internal food temperature!

 GrillEye Iris GrillEye Iris
 GrillEye Iris GrillEye Iris

In the box:

2x GrillEye® Iris Probes

2x Probe Clips

1x Probe Clip for Ambient Temperature Readings

1x Quick Start Guide

Technical data

More Information
SKU GE0015
EAN 5213008050235
Cable length 120 cm
Operating Range -40°C to 300°C
Number of probes 2 pc
Weight 45 gr
Package dimensions 7 x 3 x 16,5 cm
Package Weight 0,1 kg
Guarantee 24 months
Comments Compatibility: GrillEye MAX


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