Set Smoker Stainless Steel ZSS-150

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Borniak Smoker Accessory Set ZSS-150

Extension set for Borniak's 150 series, stainless steel

The set includes:

  • A smoked food dryer that allows you to dry meat, fish, vegetables or whatever you want as you wish.
  • Our tip: If you use the dryer, first remove the bowl with the ash so that it doesn't blow onto the smoked food.
  • Three grids, five asymmetrical S-hooks, five screw hooks, five double hooks and four type 20 hooks as well as a 5m long sausage net to give you even more variety of enjoyment.
  • A protective cover to protect the stove from the weather and other environmental influences.
  • A cold smoking adapter with a flexible tube for cold smoking, e.g. for sausage, ham or bacon.
  • A brine preparation “FISH HUNTER” for the preparation of delicious smoked fish.
  • A B-Therm thermometer with two probes to easily check the core temperature at any time.


Additional sets

Equip your smoker according to your needs

ProductSymbolBasic setSet SmokerSet BBQ
GrateGratePW-70/PW-150Yes *SmokerYes 3 pcs
Reinforced grateReinforced gratePWH-70/PWH-150Yes*BBQYes 3 pcs
S hook asymmetricS hook asymmetricHW-04YesYes
Screw in hookScrew in hookHW-02Yes
Double hookDouble hookHW-01YesYes
S hookS hookHW-03Yes
Hook type 20Hook type 20HW-20Yes 4 pcs
Meat netting 5mMeat netting 5mSWM-05Yes
Smoker coverSmoker coverPO-70/PO-150YesYes
Cold smoke adapterCold smoke adapterZW-01/ZWS-01Yes**
BBQ bowlBBQ bowlMB-12Yes *BBQYes
Fish Hunter spiceFish Hunter spiceSB03-320Yes
Magic Dust spiceMagic Dust spiceSB01-300Yes
Pitmaster Pride spicePitmaster Pride spiceSB01-300Yes
B-ClawsPazury do mięsa B-ClawsBC-01Yes

* BBQ – only with BBQ Smoker BBDS-70, BBDS-150.
* Smoker – only with Classic Smoker: UW-70, UW-150, UWD-70, UWD-150, UWDS-70, UWDS-150.

**The set includes a flex pipe for mounting the adapter with a smoking cabinet.

Additional sets

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